Luis, Brazil – Level 3


Hi, I am Luís Henrique from Brazil. I live in quite a big city called Juiz de Fora, which is near Rio de Janeiro.

I have been teaching English for about 6 years and I am really enjoying it. It is really amazing when a student comes to you and says “I am very happy, because now I can understand my favorite songs and TV series” or when they get good grades on international exams such as the Cambridge ones.

I have taught more than a hundred students and they all got good grades and were successful when using the language. I am proud of all my students. When people ask me if I would change career, I can definitely say: no. I could not imagine myself doing anything else apart from teaching English.

English is my life and I would like to make English a part of my students´ lives as well. I want them to achieve a better position in life and being able to communicate in English will help them to reach what they want. This is why English is important to me!

author:Luis Henrique Andrade