Mo’ath, Jordan – Level 3


I used to travel to Syria every summer holiday since I was one year old up until I was eighteen in 2011. That was when the war started.

I visited many places in Syria and I spent the best moments of my life there. I especially enjoyed visiting my uncle. He had a pool in his farm and I could stay up late. I was helping my uncle take care of the animals. When I stayed with him I learnt how to depend on myself, how to cook and many other useful things. I am sad that I lost my uncle in this war.

Now I would like to tell you about some places I visited in Syria. The first place is Qasioun Mountain. From this mountain you can see all Damascus and it is such a beautiful view. The second place is Bloudan town. It’s a really awesome place. It has nice weather in summer and beautiful nature.

I hope the war finally stops because I miss my friends and relatives.

Bernard Gagnon

author: Mo’ath