Anna, Ukraine – Level 3


The more we live, the more people we meet. We all have different characters but this doesn’t mean that if we don’t like something in someone’s character this person is bad.

For example, we can get acquainted with a big-headed and arrogant person at work. That person could be your boss or your colleague. This person could be self-centered and self-confident, always talking about themselves and their achievements at work or in their private life. They can become bad-tempered and even angry when you try to interrupt their speech or if you decide to tell them your own story or share with them your opinion.

Be careful! Such people don’t deserve your attention and you don’t have to spend your time with this person. Psychologists state that such egocentric and assertive behaviour hides possible low self-esteem. By behaving in such a way the person wants to prove that he/she is the best and deserves a place in this world.

At the same time, under other conditions, for example with relatives and friends in their private life, such an unpleasant person could be well-balanced and good-tempered, quiet and easygoing so much so that if you saw them you wouldn’t recognise them. There is no place for their selfishness, they are so open-minded.

So it means that we are different. Our tempers can combine different qualities, bad and good, irritating and acceptable, but we are humans and we have to respect each other in any case, in spite of anything, if we want to live in peace.

author: Anna