Ahme, Egypt – Level 3


Hello everyone! My name is Ahmed and I am from Egypt (Cairo).

One day about four years ago I woke up and cried because of my excess weight. I weighed more than 140 kg at that time. I had started diet programs many times but I failed to go on with them because I loved potato chips and soda.

I faced many problems such as irony from my friends on the street and at high school and at any place because of my weight. I couldn’t find any clothes to fit me, I could not run around the stadium with my friends or play with them because of my weight.

On that day I cried, I made the decision that I would not fail in losing weight once again. I launched my special diet and followed it for a year and half without any interruptions. I left potatoes in the past and started running for 15 minutes every day. In the first month I lost about 12 kg! It amazed me! I had never lost so much weight in one month. At the end of the second month I had lost another 10 kg, and a total of 22 kg since the start of my diet.

The changes were visible on my body and after the first two months the diet became a habit. The stunning result is that I now weigh 70 kg! I defeated all my friends in marathons and football matches! I can find clothes my size anywhere I look.

This was the story of my life. Thank you all. I hope I can make numerous friends from all over the world. I hope we can help each other improve our English. My Facebook profile is: https://www.facebook.com/amiro.ahmed

author: Ahme Nashaat