Yasin, Turkey – Level 3


I graduated from high school in 2014 but I did not pass the university exam. Then I decided to study again. This was hard for me because the high school I graduated from didn’t have lessons in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology.

My first exam results were very low but they increased gradually. I really wanted to go to university. Finally, I passed the exam and started going to university.

I lived in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey. Istanbul is a big city. My university is in Elazig. Elazig is a small city. Elazig is famous for Harput Castle and its quality wine.

I had to leave Istanbul to go to university in Elazig. This situation is very sad because I got used to living in Istanbul. Istanbul has many excellent sights. For example, Galata Tower, Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace, The Blue Mosque, The Basilica Cistern, etc. Istanbul hosts different cultures. Now, I am going there one last time.

I will write again here when I graduate. I hope this happens soon 🙂 See you later my friend 🙂


author:  Yasin