ASIF, Bangladesh – Level 3


“When you feel bored, just travel”. I love to travel whenever I get some spare time. It helps me get rid of my routine. It makes me forget my regular, monotonous life.

Although my country is not a developed one and still not very strong economically, God has blessed us with the gift of nature. There are places with amazing natural beauty around the whole country. These mesmerizingly beautiful places make me wonder every single time. Sometimes it might be the monstrous fountain of a remote hill tracts area. Sometimes it’s the longest beach that compels me to leave my home.

Travelling to a new place always helps me to re-energise myself. It makes me feel like I am re-starting my life. So I suggest travelling to everyone! Travel as much as you can because life is short and you will not get a second chance once it’s gone. And believe me, you will never regret travelling to a new place.


author: ASIF