Carole, Canada – Level 3


I have three wishes to express. Health for my mother, work for me and happiness for everyone. I wish to start the New Year with all positive things for me and my family.

I watch myself in the mirror each morning for fifteen minutes and smile and feel good inside. Angels are protecting me, giving me the strength and courage to continue. A lot of opportunities are coming to me. I have to take the occasion each time and say YES.

I am thankful for what I have. I do the things that I like the most. Every morning I write my feelings and my emotions on a sheet of paper. This is how I begin each day and get rid of all negative thoughts in my head. I fill my heart with joy. I tell the people that I love them.

I walk and breathe, laugh, read a book, listen to music. I am confident in myself. I sing along with songs. I dream a dream; I dream to have my dream come true. I have tossed bad feelings, anger and jealousy in the trash. I have learned to accept that the little girl in me needs love. I try to be attentive to myself and I feel happy. I practice meditation each morning for twenty minutes and increase this time every day. Thank you for reading.


author: Carole