Kaelyn, Vietnam – Level 3


Today I would like to tell you about the thing that inspires me the most. Every person has a different favorite. For me this is something simple like playing the piano, writing, reading…

Dance inspires me a lot. It makes me feel great. Dancing is a good sport. We become more flexible and stronger when dancing. There are many different kinds of dance. For example acrobatic dance, ballet, candle dance, etc.

I chose dancesport. I have been learning it for 2 years. Dancesport includes rumba, cha-cha, tango, and samba. These are 4 famous types of dancesport. I love cha-cha the most. It was created in Latin America. The energetic movements made it become an instant hit among dancers around the world. I have also participated in competitions but I have never won a medal.

Dance is a hard sport. You need to practice every day. If you haven’t tried any sports, maybe you should start learning dancesport and become a famous dancer one day. It depends on you and your motivation. Good luck!


author: Kaelyn