Bredikhina, Ukraine – Level 3


There is no place like Ukraine! My motherland is Ukraine and its capital is Kyiv.

I would like to describe it. Kyiv is a fascinating, contemporary, cosmopolitan, huge and charming city that has a rich culture and history. The city is located on the river Dnipro, the biggest river in Ukraine. The landscapes there are peaceful and amazing. The atmosphere here is lovely. However, it is difficult to make friends because the people are always busy.

There are many advantages of living here. The main plus for me as a student is our education system. All the best universities, schools and colleges are situated in Kyiv. All of them are well equipped, modern and have the best teachers in Ukraine.

Our transport facilities are another big advantage. The public transport has developed quite well, so commuting to work isn’t a problem. People get to work on time. Besides, the service is clean and reliable.

What is more, there are many offers how to spend your free time. There are a lot of theatres, concerts, museums, shopping malls and other ways of entertainment.

It is difficult to explain why Kyiv is important to me, but I’ll try. As people say, there are three musts for a girl: a place for education, a place for relaxation and a place for being a beauty. It is very easy for me to be a real girl, since all of these places are near my house. In addition to this, there is a tiny, cozy, dazzling cafe on my street. There is always an incredible smell of coffee and fresh, tasty desserts. There will never be another place like Ukraine!


Michal Huniewicz

author: Bredikhina