Sri, India – Level 3


I was overjoyed when I woke up that day because my mom would be with me in another two hours. It was almost one year since I had left my parents and came to the US with my husband right after my marriage. Even though I chatted with them over phone and Skype, I missed them very much.

My husband called from the airport and said, “I’ve just met your mom and we will be at home in 15 minutes.” So I prepared some coffee and waited for their arrival. My mom was overwhelmed with happiness seeing me after such a long time. We were just talking about my new life in US for another couple of minutes. Then I gave her a cup of hot coffee. She finished the full cup and said, “It was delicious. You have become an excellent cook.”

Then we started to chat again and I forgot about the coffee. At night in our private room my husband came and asked me,”Have you tasted the coffee that you made us today?”

“No, I haven’t. What is the matter?” I replied.

“Nothing. You have just added salt instead of sugar but please make sure it is the right jar you are using before you make coffee tomorrow” he answered.

I immediately went to my mom’s room and asked, “Tell me honestly: was that coffee really delicious?”

“Yes. Of course. Though it was a little salty, it was filled with true love which is the most expensive and tastiest ingredient of the world” she replied.

author: Sri