Jana, the Czech Republic- Level 3


I like snorkeling very much, but I can only fly to the seaside in summer.

I particularly liked the Greek islands and their coasts. One day I went to a boat trip with snorkeling. We visited many amazing places. It was very beautiful.

At one of the spots we saw I jumped into the water and started looking around me. There were a lot of different small and big varicolored fish. Suddenly two turtles swam closer to me. I didn’t move and just watched.

Some of the people who had stayed on the board fed the fish from there. I found myself surrounded by thousands fish and turtles. I took out my underwater camera and I started taking pictures. I filmed everything.

I was afraid of snorkeling but it was something amazing for me. I am glad I did it.


Hikmah Cut Ramadhana

author: Jana