Erzsébet, Hungary – Level 3


I would like to introduce my younger son’s story because he lives his life the way which would be my dream if I were his age.

After finishing high school, Andrew decided to try his luck abroad because unfortunately young people have small opportunities in our country. He has been working as a waiter in hotels and cruise ships till he got a bartender position. This job required a lot of work, especially at nights and brought about a sparkling lifestyle. He was rising through the ranks continuously and seemed to be satisfied with his perspectives.

After about one year it was time to take a rest, so he organized a long-term trip to South-East Asia together with his girlfriend. They travelled round Thailand, Cambodia and India. It would make another story to detail their experiences, but the point is, that fell in love with India and yoga. He did a four-week course for the first time. (His girl-friend did not like it at all, so she flew home. Unfortunately, it was the end of their relationship, but all in all, they were not really matching.) By the time he finished the course, he had realized that he preferred such a quiet, peaceful, contemplative way of life more than the Western hustle and bustle, skin-deep living. Vegetarian diet, regular meditation practices and at least 5 hours a day of yoga training resulted in his increased feeling of well-being and consciousness.

According to our recent Skype conversations, it seems he is enjoying every moment of his life. We haven’t heard from him for two weeks, because he has begun a two-year yoga teacher course in a world-famous centre in a beautiful ashram at the foot of the Himalayas where retreating from internet is required for the first four weeks of the training.



author: Erzsébet