Huy, Vietnam – Level 3


There are 4 people living in a house. They are a father, a mother, a son and a thief. The thief lived on the roof of the house. One day, they were watching TV and they felt very tired. Their son killed them but they were strong enough to kill their son while they were dying. So all three people died.

The thief robbed their assets and escaped. While escaping, he met a policeman and got very scared. He threw the assets away and ran away. At that time, the thief was cheated by the policeman.

The policeman was also a thief but he was a more intelligent one. He pretended to be a policeman to cheat other thieves to plunder the treasures from their hands. This intelligent thief met a real policeman. He thought this policeman is also a thief so he wasn’t scared.

Finally, he was arrested by the policeman. He threw the stolen things into the bin because the policeman made him go to prison. At that same time, the cheated thief found the stolen treasures back. Now he is a billionaire.

author: Huy