Amin, Iran – Level 3


Iran is a beautiful country in the Middle East. Its neighbours are Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Kuwait, Turkmenistan and Turkey.

Iran has many nice places that I suggest that you should see. You must know that Iran is a very safe country although there is insecurity in some countries nearby. If you hear or read that Iran is not safe for travel, do not doubt that is a lie based on politics. Please do not mention it.

I will be happy if you come here and see very nice cities like Si-o-seh pol. There are many beautiful monuments such as Abas king square in Isfahan, the tomb of Cyrus the Great, the tomb of Hafez and the tomb of Sadi in Shiraz ( both of them are famous poets). Iran is a four-season country. At the end, I invite you all to my country. That is the only way you would see the real Iran.