Fenya, Armenia – Level 3


Life is full of good and bad memories. Some people remember almost every incident of  their lives, others can call to mind only few of them (as I do). I think that everyone has an event which brings interesting memories and arises various feelings in their hearts. I want to tell you one of my most memorable incidents which I remember very well.

I am sure that my story will sound a bit strange because this kind of a situation does not happen very often. Well, to begin with, I want to say that there are many hilarious events which happened to me, that is why it was difficult for me to choose only one.

It was winter, more precisely, the 31st of December, I was sixteen and as a rule I was preparing for the night performance of New Year. I am a circus actress and in that year the performance was in the city of Hoktemberyan in Armenia. My coworker offered her personal driver to take me to the appropriate place, because every circus artist needs to have her/his own car to get to the performance venue. I trust her a lot because we have known each other for a long time and so I accepted her offer.

The driver was a rather quiet middle-aged man. We just had embarked on the journey when he asked me for permission to drop by his home, where his wife and newborn baby were alone to celebrate New Year with them. I looked at the clock and saw that I had some spare time before the performance. It was fine to make a compromise and so we headed to his home.

I cannot describe all the emotions which rushed in me in that moment. I felt that I was going to celebrate New Year surrounded by absolute strangers. When the door opened, his nice wife welcomed us and I saw her emotions. She was surprised to see us as she knew that her husband had to work late that night. I was felt satisfied knowing that she was happy to see her husband next to her on New Year`s Eve. Forgetting everything, I was just delighted to be with them.

Some time later very funny thoughts came to my mind. For example, as the familiar proverb says ”The beginning of the year sets the tone for the rest of it”. According to this saying, I would have to spend the whole year being a guest at the houses of unknown people. This kind of thoughts brought me a very positive mood.

When the clock struck 12, we raised our glasses with champagne and congratulated each other with the New Year. Of course, I regretted for not being with my family at that moment, but as time passed I felt more comfortable and started to enjoy the situation. Despite the fact that I had spent there only 15 minutes it seemed to me that I have known them for a long time.

We have not met each other since that time and I know that we will not meet in the future. To be honest, I haven’t told this story to anybody, but I have always wanted.


author: Fenya