Lucas, Brazil – Level 3


Sometimes life can be very messy and it can cause a lot of chaos in someone’s life. Currently, many undergraduate students discover in the middle of their course that they are going the wrong way and that they want to study something else. And that’s my case.

I decided to leave my Biological Sciences course 3 weeks ago. I was just beginning my second year. Here in Brazil, we have to face an exam called ENEM. It stands for High School National Exam. Students have to score around 850 out of 1000 on the test in order to be able to choose which Public University to attend. Of course, I don’t have to say it’s not easy to score that and there are thousands of other people on the same game, right?

So during this process we are involved by this mission. It’s very demanding, everyday you have to get stronger, everyday you have to read more, and we learn and remember so many things that I confess, it’s all worth it! I’ve already tried once to enter Med School, but I failed. Now it is my second time and at the end of the year it will be time to check if have given enough… to be continued.


author: Lucas