Zack, Turkey – Level 3


A smartphone is a handheld personal computer with an operating system and an integrated mobile broadband cellular network connection for voice, sms and internet data communication.

In 1994 Simon, the world’s first smartphone came out. It featured many apps and services including email, calendar, calculator, world time clock, notepad and fax.

In 1996, Nokia introduced the Nokia 9000. It was more useful than Simon because it got a physical keyboard and a graphical web browser.

The vast majority of the first smartphones did not make as much of a breakthrough as you might think. They were tools for a job, not for fun. But Blackberry was the first company to change all that. People who started using Blackberries soon turned to ”Crackberry” addicts. Even so, most mobile phone were still used for business only.

In 2007, the landscape changed completely with the first iphone. Apple’s device was innovative in many ways. It was a device aimed at the everyday users. Apple started the Smartphone revolution and the iphone marked a turning point for the market.

Ron Mader

author: Zack