Alona, Israel – Level 3


Hello, I live in Israel and I’m the mother of a wonderful little boy.

My son is 3 years old. He has only recently started to talk, but he already speaks two languages – Hebrew and Russian. When he was born I decided to speak to him in Russian. It was not so easy because my husband doesn’t speak Russian and we talk Hebrew at home. At the daycare and with all our relatives my son speaks in Hebrew, but I wanted to give him the opportunity to learn an additional language, especially because it’s my mother tongue.

I think it will be an advantage for him in the future. According to current research learning two or more languages in the first 3 years of life develops the intelligence, improves memory and broadens the child’s mind. Bilingual children are smarter than children which grew up in an one-language environment.

There are a lot of families in our country in which the parents’ native language isn’t Hebrew. Jewish people came to Israel from all over the world and it is normal for children to start speaking two or three languages from their infancy.

If you want to teach your children a second language, do it from the beginning. Just talk to them in your native language from the first day of their life. Don’t worry if they don’t understand you or if they are confused. My own experience and the many examples of my friends’ bilingual families show that it pays off and gives our children an opportunity to be more successful in their independent life later on.


author: Alona