Ha, Vietnam – Level 3


Summer isn’t my favorite season because the weather is warm and sunny. Sometimes it’s rainy or stormy and temperature is about from twenty five to thirty eight degree Celsius. It isn’t very comfortable for me to go out with my family or friends because my skin always gets burned by the sun.

However, in the summer, I can see many beautiful sights. In the sides of the streets there are a lot of blooming flowers and sometimes the sky is clean and the air is fresh. The people who have many different fashion styles make a beautiful picture of the city.

But it is really hot in July and August and I can’t stand it. At night, the temperature goes down a little bit and the city becomes busier. There are a lot of street food in the center, juice and fruit stalls and coffee shops in the old streets, but still it’s not as attractive as in the winter. I really dislike the summer. It isn’t a good feeling when the summer is coming.


author: Ha