Muchlis, Indonesia – Level 2


My name is Muchlis. I’m from Indonesia.

Recently, I was looking for a website or a news site in English. I need to read news or articles in English to improve my language skills. Many times I searched using Google until I found News in Levels. There are some news sites in English in Indonesia. However, these sites are not really popular.

People in Indonesia don’t communicate in English. While in our neighbouring countries like Singapore and Malaysia English is the second language, in my country English is the third language. Actually, we speak Bahasa Indonesia and a regional language. Bahasa Indonesia is the national language. We learn foreign languages, particularly English, in school. So, when you want to improve your English skills, you need to learn it by yourself. I study using News in Levels because I know that this site will help me.

Rei-artur and Kjoonlee

author: Muchlis