Kaelyn, Vietnam – Level 3


There are many different kinds of food in the world. Every culture has its own special cuisine. For example, chili crabs in Singapore, pizzas in Italy and my favorite food – spring rolls from my country.

Spring rolls come from Vietnam and they look really yummy! We need a lot of ingredients to make this luxury food such as eggs, carrots, mushrooms. You can also choose to add meat or shrimps, it depends on you. Now, let’s make it!

First, we mix all the ingredients. Make sure not to add too many eggs or it will be wet. Then, you put the mixture in each of the thread noodles and roll it. Now put them into the pan to fry. Finally, enjoy the delicious taste.

If you want to enhance the taste, you can make a dipping sauce. It could be made from some garlic, sugar, salt, water, etc… Spring rolls are present in almost every festival of Vietnam. I wish all people have a chance to taste them. Then spring rolls will be famous all around the world.

author: Kaelyn