Mo’ath, Jordan – Level 2


One and a half year ago, I decided to learn English so I told my parents and was surprised when they didn’t object. I knew I wanted to start, but I didn’t know how or where.

I asked some friends. Someone said to me that I can start on the Internet using YouTube, different websites, social media, etc. Another one recommended studying in the British Council. I liked this idea, but I had another problem. I didn’t have enough money!

So I decided to study from home using the resources on the Internet for six months. During this period I improved my skills in English. I learned some grammar and many phrases. Then I started studying in the British Council in Jordan.

Here I discovered new problems. My speaking and listening skills were not so good, so I started a new journey to improve them. I decided to listen to podcasts and watch films in English. To improve my speaking, I started searching for a native speaker. I wanted to talk to someone over Skype on WhatsApp.

I have these problems now but I keep working on myself. I hope to improve by studying and more practice. I hope to speak better English in the future.


Biswarup Ganguly

author: Mo’ath Almasri