Anna, Poland – Level 3


Do you know that 70% of Polish teenagers have an account on Facebook or on other social media? Half of them use it everyday.

Students claim that they use it because they can easily talk with their friends without leaving home. It’s also fun. They share their favourite songs, YouTube videos or posts. An average teen spends two hours per day sitting in front of the computer or holding a smartphone in a hand. Many young people can’t imagine their lives without being online.

Why do they need to share everything they do on the Internet? Some of them don’t want to feel excluded, out of the group. Others want to be updated about current news and events.

What else can we do online? Read news, watch movies, listen to music, play online games. A lot of teenagers find information helpful for doing their homework or studying online. It’s an easy to use, always available source of data. Of course, you have to be careful and search for reliable websites because lots of things we find in Internet are fake.


Ron Mader

author: Anna