Helga, Russia – Level 3


Russia. Siberia. The Altai Mountains. This is the place where Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia come together. A chain of mountains that stretches for hundreds of kilometers.

The Altai Mountains hold secrets about the life of the ancient people. In 1993 archaeologists found remains of Neanderthals and the mummy of a young woman who was buried more 50 000 years ago.

There is only silence so high in the mountains. You don’t see people around yourself. However, many tourists go there. They ride on horses, they go rafting or go into the ancient caves.

There is the Katun river in the Altai Mountains. The speed of the flow of water is 12 kilometers per hour, the water temperature is 7 degrees Celsius. The Katun river is very quick, cold and clear.

You will not forget the time spent in the Altai Mountains. I went on a holiday there in August 2016.

author: Helga