Anežka, the Czech Republic- Level 3


Pushing Daisies is one of my favorite series. I was bored and I wanted to watch something new. I was looking for a good series and I found this one.

The main characters are piemaker Ned and his first love Charlotte “Chucky”. He can bring dead people, animals or flowers back to life by touching them. That makes his life full of unusual, strange or funny situations.

In the first episode, Ned touches dead Chucky. If he touches her again she will die forever so he can not touch her. Ned helps to solve cases for detective Emerson Cod. In Ned’s restaurant called “The Pie Hole” works Olive Snook who loves Ned. It sometimes makes her uncomfortable that Ned is in love with Chucky.

There is one flashback in every episode that tells us something about Ned and Chucky’s childhood. This TV show is from 2007. The fact that it’s a little bit older doesn’t mean it’s not good.

Tom Small

author: Anežka