HsingRu, Taiwan – Level 2


Last Saturday morning was a nice day and I took a bus to join a rubbish removal group. It was my first time joining this kinds of activity.

We went to a small mountain called “Elephant Mountain” in Taipei city. All we needed to do was pick up the rubbish we saw around. There were around fifty people to join this activity, and we had three different routes. I chose the third route.

Cleaning the rubbish took us around three hours – from nine am to twelve pm. Even though we didn’t reach the top of the mountain, we picked up a lot of rubbish. After we separated the trash for recycling, we found out that most of it was plastic. The second biggest type of trash were the glass bottles and the third – the cigarette butts.

This experience shook me because I saw that we have a lot of rubbish lying around us. So, don’t throw rubbish is the first thing people should do.

author: HsingRu