Papa Boubou, France – Level 3


In July 2009, a friend of mine and I decided to go backpacking around Corsica, an island in the south of France. We organized this journey for fun and we went on an exciting adventure even though we didn’t have enough money.

We started the journey in Paris and we finished it in Calcatogio. We took the train from Paris to Nice and then we took the ferry over to the island. It took us 25 hours to get to Ajaccio. When we arrived, we found a deserted school without electricity where we stayed for two weeks, going for walks and sightseeing.

Unfortunately, we ran out of money and we had to find a job to save up enough money to go back. After two days searching in vain in Ajaccio, we decided to go to Calcatogio because we heard that we could find a job there. We hitchhiked all the way to Calcatogio, where we managed to find jobs as dishwashers in a hotel. After twenty days working we had enough to buy our ticket and we went back home.


author: Papa Boubou