Clement, Belgium – Level 3


It is a general truth that when you retire you’ll have a lot of free time. I completely agree. Even though you have a lot of time, you shouldn’t waste it.

So when I retired, I decided to follow a course in assembling/repairing desktop computers. In the beginning it was harsh! It took more than one sleepless night before I got my first PC working.

Most of the information about computers is in English. So why not start a course in English? It certainly will help to understand the specifications of computers. It will also help to improve my reading and speaking skills which I could use during holidays. Clearly a win-win situation!

So since my retirement I can’t say that I have been bored for a single day. The contrary is true. I hope to stay in good health and to be able to continue to study and train my gray cells!

Pavla Pelikánová

author: Clement