Serdar, Turkey – Level 3


Up to now, I have been abroad 3 times.

Malaysia was the first country I visited. I was very excited for that trip. I went there 3 years ago. Malaysia is a very warm country. There was a lot of rain while I was staying there, but it was still warm and I liked it. There are not a lot of people using motorcycles in my country while in Malaysia it is the opposite. I stayed in Kuala Lumpur. It is the capital of Malaysia. I stayed there for 3 weeks. Later, I returned to my country.

Two years later, I went to Morocco. I stayed in a hotel in Marrakech for 2 nights and then I stayed in Agadir for a whole month. I loved staying there more than in Malaysia. Agadir is really a wonderful place. I found peace there. I recommend it to you wholeheartedly. I think the weather in Agadir is very good. The humidity is very low there.

Now I am in Bangkok. This city is very hot. My friend and I go to the malls. The malls are huge. We almost get lost in them.

author: Serdar