Suedois, Guadeloupe – Level 3


After I retired I decided to see countries I’d never visited before. After a trip in Central America last year, I embarked on my current adventure in South America. I plan to stay here for 6 months.

I arrived safely from Paris in Buenos Aires and after 5 days I took a boat to Colonia del Sacramento, a very nice little town in Uruguay. Then I went to Montevideo, Mercedes, Alto… I then crossed the north of Argentina to go to the Iguazu falls. After that I travelled to Ciudad del Este in Paraguay, from where I visited different towns around. At Asuncion I took a bus to Santa Cruz in Bolivia. Once there, I began climbing to Sucre (2000m), Potosi (38000), Uyuni and his famous salt, la Paz…

After that I went to Copacabana at the lake Titicaca and crossed the border to go to Piura town in Peru. Having seen different places in Peru, I’m now in Trujillo going to Ecuador and Colombia before returning back to Chile.

During my travels I see different things, new towns, new people and my life is full of unexpected stories and meetings… Although I travel alone with my guitar, I’ve a lot of friends on facebook, where I tell my stories regularly. For me life is a trip, and you have to see the extraordinary in the ordinary…


Matthew Straubmuller

author: Suedois