Mtthanh, Vietnam – Level 3


Three weeks ago I visited a website for people who want to improve their English. It was one of the most beautiful days of my life because I sent a message to a woman and we became friends. Like almost all people in the world, I think my world is different from the Muslim world. I didn’t think I would make a Muslim friend before.

I was wrong. I sent her a message and talked politely with her and she said “thank you” so many times in that conversation. Do you know why? So many people have said bad words to her, called her a “killer, terrorist…” and something else like that. I could see her happiness in her messages when I talked with her without using those words. I could see it clearly.

Since then, she has told me so many things about herself and her world. I asked her for a photo. She sent it to me and I could only see her eyes because she covered all of her face with a hijab. I looked at her eyes, read her words, and I could feel she had a beautiful soul.

She told me something about her religion and her life. She has had a very hard life. She couldn’t do so many things she loved to do. She couldn’t even take a selfie and post in on facebook. Sometimes she thought about death because she was Muslim girl and so many people in the world hated her and hated her religion.

The hijab not only covers a woman’s face but can also cover their life, their soul. It makes us think that they have a black soul like the color of hijab. But we are wrong. Some killers might be Muslim, but we can’t say all Muslims are killers. You can say 2 is a prime number but if you say that the prime number is 2 you are wrong. We have a bad guy and a good guy everywhere in the world.

I am sure that she is a Muslim girl and a good girl with a beautiful soul. She is human like us. She can feel happy, she can feel hurt, and she cries when we hurt her and when we hurt someone else. One day she told me her story. Her close friend has stolen her tablet and she heard it but she didn’t anything. She just ran away and cried because she didn’t want to hurt her friend, and she didn’t want to hurt anyone in this world.

Hajourei Ha

author: Mtthanh