Dien, Vietnam – Level 3


This is story about me and my pet called Phong.

Phong, who was born at my house when I was in grade 3, is a male dog. Phong and I grew up together and we had a great time. I remember one afternoon I was really sad because I did not get a good grade on my test. I was sitting down on a chair. Surprisingly, my dog sat silent by my side. He looked at me and I looked at him too. At that moment, it seemed like he wanted to share my sadness. I hugged him and I played with him and forgot about my test.

He died that evening. I was not there. I still repent not being there for him. He used to be by my side when I needed him the most but when he needed me I was not there. I wonder if I am a bad owner. I feel like he still follows my steps sometimes, like he never forgets me. When I am in a bad mood I often feel like there is something by my side and I know it’s him. Although he is dead, he still in my heart. He is the best pet ever, the best pet  in my life.

author: Dien Nguyen