Joon, South Korea – Level 3


I came to Australia with a working holiday visa and I have been living here for almost one year. Since I came here, I have been able to make lots of friends from different countries. I met two guys, one from Japan and the other one from Brazil. We became great friends.

I started working too much and we were drifting apart. I was so sad. Finally, we separated. I am now planning to go back to my country but before I return I really want to meet my friends again. I am worried that I can’t speak English as well as I did before because I haven’t been able to study.

I was working as a kitchen chef. Yesterday was my last working day in the cafe. My boss organized a farewell party for me and almost all my colleagues attended it. I was really happy and appreciated that they came to see me. On the other hand, I’m really sad that I won’t see them again.

There are a lot of feelings and emotions in my mind now: excitement to go back to South Korea and start studying for my dream job, sadness that I might not meet my friends anymore, anxiety that the route I am choosing to follow my dream might not be the correct one, etc. In spite of the invisible difficulties coming against me, I will always do my best!

Jacques Grießmayer

author: Joon