Doğan, Turkey – Level 3


We usually go on a vacation every year. This year we decided to visit Mallorca. We knew that it had a beautiful seacoast.

We had bought flight tickets a long time ago because of the discount. We flew to Mallorca last August and we planned to stay for about 4 days. When we arrived at the airport we immediately rented a car to travel around easily. We checked in the hotel and went out to discover the island.

We went to la Sa Calobra firstly. This coast was amazing and it had such a fascinating sea. I was surprised when I saw the view. We swam and ate something and swam again. We enjoyed it and went back to hotel.

The other impressive place I saw was Es Trenc. We visited it on the second day of our vacation. It took us two hours from the hotel. It had the same effect on me. It was the most beautiful and clean sea I had ever seen. It resembled the Maldives.

I adored this place. Before it got dark we went to city center to eat something. We found an Italian restaurant near the port and decided to try it. I tasted the pasta with Bolognese and my friend tried the pizza. They were both were tasty.

At the end of our vacation when we were at the airport going back to Istanbul I thought that I had spent the most enjoyable holiday of my life in Mallorca.


S. Plaine

author: Doğan ataseven