Rossana, Italy – Level 1


This happens for years ago. My father is ill. The situation is bad.

My father is strict to me all his life. I don’t like it. But now, my feelings to him change because the situation is not good. My father is very weak.

One day, when I am with him, I shave him. I ask him a funny question, “What do you think? Can I open a barber shop, dad? Am I good?”

His answer is surprising to me because he says, “Of course. You can do different jobs in your life and you can always be good. Do you know why? Because you put enthusiasm in all things which you do.

This is the first and the last time when my father says something like this to me. This last moment with him is a very important lesson to me. His words stay deeply in my heart. They help me to have a better relationship with my dad.

My dad is always here with me. I know that he is around when white butterflies fly around me. I also know that he is with me when I look in the mirror. From my big brown eyes, he is looking and smiling at me.

Here is a real photo of Rossana and her dad:

author: Rossana  Internullo