Mohammad, Iran – Level 3


One night I was so sad that I cried all evening until I went to the bed. I was feeling very gloomy because of the news I had heard about a war in the Middle Eastern countries. I really needed someone or something to make me feel better.

It seemed something was happening! Oh! Yes, I was going to a new place which I’d not seen before. I was unaccustomed to it, to its people, their language and customs. I had a sense of fear, and of course, unpleasantness there.

Oh my god! Where was I? This was the question which I asked myself over and over again. It was as if nobody saw me because all the people looked too busy as well too depressed. No one cared about what was happening to someone else.

Finally I found someone who could answer my question. Yes, as I had guessed it was the sinister center of the world which causes every war in the world. I wish I could attack and defeat all those who support wars around the world and who make the world unsafe to live in.

I saw all of this happening in my dream. When I woke up in the morning I promised myself to do what I could not do in the dream. God willing, I’ll make the world safe.


Ray MacLean

author: Mohammad