Ivan, Ukraine – Level 2


I like to dream. I dream as often as I can.

My friends like to dream too but they are always dreaming about a better life. They want to live better and they dream only about that. One of my friends said to me: ”I want to live in Dubai, I want to eat tasty food and dance in the best club in the city”.

Then I understood that everyone of my friends wants to live in the famous cities of the world and just relax. They often dream about their ideal life! One day they asked me: “Vanya, what is your ideal day?”

I thought for 2 weeks, and I still couldn’t imagine my ideal day. But lately I went to my friends and told them that my ideal day would be when my whole family comes home. We have supper, drink tea and laugh.

Then I realised that such a day I have every day.


National Cancer Institute

author: Ivan