Bui Quyên, Vietnam – Level 3


I’m going to talk about my life. I’m 25 years old. I graduated from the Academy of Finance more than one year ago and 6 months after that I got married.

Now, I always feel awesome because I have become a woman. I met my husband thanks to my brother and fell in love with him. Then we got married.

We had a funny wedding party together with all our family and friends. Both my husband and I were very attractive with white clothes. All our friends congratulated us with many wonderful wishes.

After the party we had a sweet honeymoon in a beautiful city. We went to Da Nang, the best place to live in Vietnam. Then we came back to work hard day by day.

I often finish work and go home late so I don’t have enough time to cook dinner for us. My husband is not angry with me. On the contrary, he takes care of me much more. Besides, I am a careless person because I sometimes cut my fingers while cooking. He helps me to become more careful.

I feel lucky to have such a good husband. I wish we would have children soon. I will try my best to build a happy home. Thanks for reading.

author: Bui Quyên