Hector, Venezuela – Level 3


I got married in April 2012. When my fiancé and I were planning our wedding, we decided go to Barcelona for our honeymoon. We decided this for two reasons. The first was that we had heard that Barcelona is a beautiful and romantic place. The second reason was that we are both fans of the Barcelona Football Club and we wanted to know the Camp Nou.

After our wedding we took a nine hour flight and arrived in Barcelona. When we landed we saw that Barcelona is a great city for living. It´s very clean, organized and very beautiful. The transportation services work very well. There is a great bus system with many bus stops through the city and the subway system is wonderful. If you want to get to know the city, you can take a bus tour or rent a bicycle. There are many bicycle stands. The taxis are very expensive, therefore most people prefer to take the subway.

We could visit Camp Nou, Barcelona´s famous stadium, but we couldn’t watch a game because the tickets were too expensive for us. Our hotel was in the middle of Las Ramblas. It is a famous boulevard in Barcelona where you can find different shopping malls, restaurants and other attractions.

The food in Barcelona is great. The paella and the sandwiches are so delicious. I have eaten sandwiches all my live, but those sandwiches were the most delicious that I have ever eaten. My honeymoon was terrific, I wish I could live another experience like that one.

Guba Zoky Rabko

author: Hector Acosta