Sparrow, Vietnam – Level 2


I’m a 31 year-old single mom. I have a 3-year-old lovely and intelligent son. He is my incentive to overcome all hardships in my life. Every time that I want to give up everything, he holds me and tells me “Mom, hold on. Mom, keep on fighting”. I smile again and I am ready to go ahead.

I feel very happy in the mornings when we wake up together and my boy kisses me and say “Mom, have a nice day. I love you so much”. That is so sweet. We always regard each other as friends. We can play together, learn together and share together all things in life.

He is the most wonderful gift that God has given me. I am always grateful to God for this. With him I think that I do not need any other man. I will try and work hard to earn money to feed him and if necessary go to all regions of my country looking for charity.


author: Sparrow