Alex, Russia – Level 3


Let me introduce my girlfriend and her lovely work.

Her name is Marina and she creates jewelry and accessories with the soul. For her, creativity – is a part of her life, of her soul. Since childhood, she has drawn and sewn clothes for dolls. Perhaps this was the beginning of a long journey into the multifaceted world of creativity.

Now her hobby has become more bright and of a more confident character. Her story began in the autumn of 2012. She discovered a new material – polymer clay. With clay you can realize any fantasy, and the finished product becomes strong and durable.

At work she uses only quality materials and good mood! Her jewelry has subtle shades, graceful forms and feminine lines.

Recently, cute mini bags for special occasions or for everyday look, as well as bow ties appeared in her shop’s assortment. Products are carried out in a single copy, with a few exceptions. At the request of the client she creates custom accessories.

Every girl and woman will be able to find her own unique style, because with us being original is easy!



author: Alex