Mária, Hungary – Level 3


My children must have been 4 and 6 years old, when I got a letter from my cousin, who invited me and my husband to her home in Barcelona. However, her flat was too small, so she couldn’t accommodate us all. But for a few hours only, we had not been out since our first child’s birth. We left them with a very heavy heart.

My cousin was very happy to see us – we had not seen each other for about 15 years. She went to work early every morning, and got home at 5 o’clock.

On the first day we got up at 10 and had some fruits for breakfast. Then we left for the beach. The sun was hardly shining, so we went home two hours later. On the way we had lunch and we got tired, so when we arrived we went to bed. We were sleeping when my cousin got home and she asked us where we had been. We answered, “Nowhere except the beach”, though she had proposed to us some sights in Barcelona. She knew that we would go out and showed us a few nice places in the city.

When we arrived home she asked us if the next day we would go to the other spots she recommended next day. We made a promise. But our next day passed the same as the day before. And the next day too, because we were enjoying our freedom being without children. It meant we could do everything that we wanted, we didn’t have to look after anybody. We hadn’t had this feeling for a long time.

Since then we have been going out together for a week at least once every year.



author: Szabó Mária Myrtill