Sara, the Czech Republic – Level 2


I would like to tell you something about my favorite TV series. My favorite TV show is called The Mentalist and it’s created by Bruno Heller. It’s a really interesting series and I really love it.

It’s an American police drama/mystery television series starring Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Owain Yeoman, Amanda Righetti….This TV show has got 7 seasons and overall 151 episodes.

The main character is Patrick Jane (Simon Baker). He is something like a psychic, a mind reader and he is extremely clever. He works for CBI, that is the California Bureau of Investigation as a consultant. He became a member of the CBI because of Red John. Red John is a serial killer, who killed his wife and daughter. From then on, Patrick Jane has been helping CBI. His priority is to catch Red John.

However, this series is not just about murders and solving crime cases. This series has got such an interesting story going on between the characters… And I watch the whole series for the second time so I really can recommend to you this TV show.


author: Sara