Marlene, Brazil – Level 3


My father was the most interesting person that I have ever met. We lived in a farm and he produced a spirit called “Cajueiro”. We were a big family and we lived well, we had all the things we wished for. But there were no good school in the village near our farm.

When my siblings and I grew up my father sold the farm and took the whole family to a big city to put us in a better school. He always said that the better heritage is the knowledge.

Today all my brothers are university graduates. One day, after 65 years, I was visiting a museum of spirits in a big city and I thought to myself, “Will it be possible to find a bottle of Cajueiro here?”

When I entered the room my eyes found the bottle in the middle of 2000 other bottles. I was very excited. A sweet memory of my father.

L. Lartigue

author: Marlene