Marzie, Iran – Level 3


Everyone has lots of dreams and people always dream about their future. I have dreams about my future just like everyone else.

I dream to have a good life and I will do whatever it takes to achieve it. So far, I have fulfilled some of my dreams like getting a master’s degree, having a good job and being independent but my dreams never end. So I still dream about my future and I have some more plans. Let me tell you a little bit about my dreams.

First of all, I need to decide whether to apply for a doctorate degree until next year. I’m still not sure about it. If I decided to do it, I’d like to study at a good university, maybe a foreign one. After I have the doctorate, I plan to be a faculty member at a university. Of course, I hope to earn enough money because I need it to achieve some of my dreams.

Outside of my job, I often dream about traveling around the world or at least to some beautiful countries. Moreover I hope to marry and to have a family. In my dreams I see myself at 50 traveling around the world and sharing my knowledge with other people. As I said, work hard to achieve my dreams because I don’t like living in a dream world.

Josh Sorenson

author: Marzie