Markéta, The Czech Republic – Level 3


Everybody has some dreams. My dream is to see a lot of countries, because traveling around the world is amazing. You meet interesting people and new cultures, taste new food and you can see some very beautiful nature.

I have visited a lot of cities in Europe. It was great, because the architecture is very nice. For example, the churches, castles and cathedrals are very beautiful and people should see them. But one day, Europe became too small for me and I wanted see more, so I went to the USA with my friends.

We went to the West, rented a car and went on a crazy road-trip. We visited San Francisco and then Las Vegas, where we were wild and I even won some money. Hollywood was amazing too, because we visited Universal Studios and it was quite an experience. I love films and I could see where they are born.

The cities are super, but I found the national parks stunning. We visited the Grand Canyon, the Antelope Canyon, Zion Park, the Dead Valley, Joshua Tree, Bryce Canyon, Monument Valley, Yosemite, Sequoia Park… I have no words to describe them, because everything is excellent. We saw Horseshoe Band too and the view was perfect.

The USA is different from Europe. Some things are better, some worse, but the nature is the best! I have beautiful memories and I recommend road trips in the USA. I think that people must live their dreams. Now, I want to see Japan and Thailand next.



author: Markéta