Kaelyn, Vietnam – Level 3


My name is Kaelyn and today I’m going to tell you about my dream school. I know that everyone has their own dream about school. So mine is just really simple.

I think that in my dream school we will have nice, friendly teachers and many friends. We will bring our homemade lunch to class. The school will have more subjects like art, handmade and do it yourself, cooking, English. Students will be able to choose their own rules in class. I will make some rules such as: you can use a computer, an iPhone or an iPad to do your homework and send it to the teacher. We will be allowed to bring our phones to school but not to use them in class. We can also sit on the ground. There will be no tables or chairs. We will be allowed to decorate our classrooms and lockers.

I hope your dream school becomes true one day!

author: Kaelyn