Wera, Poland – Level 3


My name is Wera and I have a crazy cat. His name is Ginger and he is three years old. He is a pedigree cat – Deven Rex.

When I sleep he comes to me and attacks me. He bites and scratches me, but I know he just wants to play with me. I love him, but he hurts me sometimes. Once when I was standing up, he hid under the wardrobe and he caught my leg. He grabbed my favorite jeans and tore them. I was a little angry, but he is only a pet.

I have many happy moments with him. Often when I get out of bed and go to the toilet, he jumps onto my legs and kisses me on the mouth. When he is hungry in the mornings, he comes to my bed and bites my nose or my legs. Sometimes he purrs.

This is the end of my cat’s story.



author: Wera