Kate, Vietnam – Level 3


My best friend is Kenzie. I have known her since I was 5 years old.

Kenzie is very talkative but smart. She has long black hair, a small nose and black, beautiful eyes. She usually wears a T-shirt, black leggings and a white cap on her head.

We are now in grade 6. Kenzie is very intelligent. She is doing very well in Maths. Kenzie wants to become a scientist and work in America in the future. She also helps me with my difficult school project. Next Sunday, we are flying to Singapore together with our classmates.

Kenzie and I often spend time together. We decorate our rooms and cook. Our mothers also take us out to the cafes, restaurants and the park. Kenzie and I, we are best friend forever. We wish we were twin sister so no one could divide us!!!

author: Kate