Nguyen, Vietnam – Level 3


ROBLOX is a game that everyone loves. It has a main topic, but you can play it in lots of game types and enjoy it again and again.

Lots of people, more than 10 million players played ROBLOX when it was created. To play this game you need one of these 3: XBOX, PC or pocket edition.

First you need to identify yourself. Then you have to customize your avatar.  You can buy some ROBUX so you can buy things at ROBLOX.

There are at least 5 types of games in ROBLOX: roleplay, tycoon, parkour, adventure, battle and other. Roleplay is a game type that you play again and again. Roleplay characters can chat and play together. You can have fun with it.

In Tycoon you make something, for example a shop or a donut factory, on the server. You can complete this game by building the place. To do that you need to earn money by finding a tycoon place and starting work. You progress to making machinery in order to earn money, then step on a circle that lets you pick a type of building. The cost of building depends on how much you have earned.

Next is the Parkour. The game will show you the way to get out or pass through the obstacle. There is a creator who makes obstacles and if you pass them you go through a checkpoint. There are many types of obstacles: line death, square death, pipe death, fake way, item jump, speed run and car rush.

If you choose Adventure, you go to a new, unknown place together with your friends.


author: Nguyen Chu Nam Son